November 28, 2014

Incident: About 30 white supremacist recruiting posters were found around campus. A group calling itself American Vanguard took credit on Twitter.

Response: Central Florida Hillel and The Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Florida denounced the flyers as Nazi propaganda that promoted hate. American Vanguard replied on Twitter “We never said anything about hate, but if you deny us our right to exist, you are an enemy that must be defeated.” One of their posters also said “we have a right to exist” and had an image of white people. Apparently the idea that the existence of white people (collectively? individually?) is under attack is being used as some kind of pretext here.

A faculty member who posted pictures of the flyers on Facebook had this to say about the University response: “Just talked to the public safety cops (who our building manager called to get this addressed) – they have seen this organization before and the domestic terrorism cop believes this is another recruitment effort, (previously particularly around the dorms) and he thinks it is not so much a fear-spreading campaign. (That seems like the same to me, but oh well.) Posting such flyers falls under first amendment, of course, although we all agreed that this crap is reprehensible”

Sources: FB post, Knight News